Cordero AeroCatering

Full restaurant service in the sky – that is Cordero AeroCatering!


Cordero AeroCatering is working with the finest gourmet cooks and covers every need from short-flight snacks to the most executive gourmet menus for business flights. The selection of menus can be fitted to the client’s needs; the dedicated service is able to reply to any special requests for individual creations.

Cordero AeroCatering also provides beverages and dry goods.


All services which our restaurant offer on earth now is available in the air.

Our sommelier will select the most suitable wine.

Each meal will be served on appropriate tableware. 

Comfortable plastic tableware will provide freshness and ensure the safety of products. 

Hot meals are packed in aluminum or plastic casserole that preserve the integrity.


We can provide a large variety of meals. 

  • European cuisine

  • French cuisine

  • Italian cuisine

  • Children’s kitchen

  • Vegetarian cuisine

  • Grill menu

  • Desserts


Please tell us what you would like served to yourself and your guests.


High-quality products and excellent service - main course of Cordero AeroCatering

For reservations please call: +972 52 7469843